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Death Registration System

I M P O R T A N T  M E S S A G E !!!

DSHS will be performing network maintenance on Saturday, October 3, 2015.
The TER system will be unavailable starting at * * * *8:00 PM* * * *
We apologize for the inconvenience.

In order to use the TER Thin application, you must use Internet Explorer.
Click here to download a PDF of the instructions to complete this process.
We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your continued support.

Click onto the button below to log into The Texas Electronic Registrar Death Registration System (TEDR):

Help VSU design the new TxEVER system that will be replacing TER coming January 2016. For more information go to our TxEVER page on our website

TER Help DeskRequest TER

Add/Edit Location in Place of Death Location Table Request for the Drop-to-Paper Counter to Be Reset Have not Received DCOA Order/Certified Copies
Delete/Remove Record from TEDR Unresolved Records Queue Need TER Password/PIN Reset

New Password Criteria
* * * Please Read Thoroughly * * *

A TER update was placed into production the evening of Tuesday, July 27th, 2010. TER was modified to require all users to establish “strong passwords.” This change was made to insure and protect the security of the TER system and the data contained in that system. Please review the instructions below:

After the update is in place, your first login to the system will require you to create a new, “strong,” password. Your new password must meet the following criteria:

Please contact us at if you have any questions regarding this information. Thank you!

Medical Amendment Creation Process

  1. The Medical Certifier or Staff Member searches for and retrieves the record. The record will be locked at this point.

  2. The Medical Certifier or Staff Member clicks on the Medical Amendment Icon.   Medical Amendment Creation Icon

  3. The user will then be prompted with the message, “Are you sure you want to add a Medical Amendment to this record?”

  4. The Medical Certifier or Staff Member clicks on the “Yes” button to continue with the medical amendment.

  5. The record will then be unlocked so the user can make the desired changes.

  6. The Medical Certifier or Staff Member saves the amendment. Once the medical amendment was successfully saved, the user will be prompted with the message, “The medical amendment request was saved successfully.”

  7. The amendment will then go into the Medical Amendment Review Queue to be reviewed and approved by the Medical Certifier. See Medical Amendment Review Process for step by step instructions on how to complete this process.

Medical Amendment Review Process

  1. The Medical Certifier searches for and retrieves the record.

  2. The Medical Certifier clicks on the Review Medical Amendments icon.  Medical Amendment Review Icon

  3. The Medical Certifier enters their pin.

  4. The Medical Certifier reviews the pending medical amendments then selects either the Accept  Medical Amendment Approval Icon  or Reject   Medical Amendment Rejection Icon  icons.   Rejecting the amendments will permanently remove all of the pending amendments for the record.

  5. Once the medical amendment is successfully accepted, the user will be prompted with the message, “The medical amendment request was successfully accepted.”

Please Note: Changes will not be seen in TEDR and you will not be able print a new medical abstract with the amended information until VSU prints and officially files the medical amendment. This process can take at least 2 Business days after the medical amendment review process is complete.


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Client PC Specifications:

Anyone purchasing a new computer system or changing/upgrading a current system for Texas Electronic Death Registration will want to keep the following vendor preferred recommendations in mind:

Links to software you will need to install: